"One of Seattle's best & weirdest tourist attractions" Seattle PI


  Flowers, Fish & Phantoms? Listen to part of the Market Ghost Tour on NPR: KPLU



The Market Ghost Tour is a 75 minute exterior adventure through the Pike Place Market. It is offered throughout the year. The skeptic and believer can enjoy this tour because it is rooted in history. 

Each ghost story has been thoroughly researched. Mercedes has spent countless hours combing through fire insurance maps, leases, health department records and newspaper articles in order to substantiate the stories she has heard. The tour guides also research the stories. They hear daily from people within the Market about odd occurences in the old buildings. Tour guides are trained in storytelling, improv & paranormal research. Read FAQ's for more information.

Exploration to the Northwest brought settlers from all points around the globe. By 1907, when the Market opened, Seattle was a city filled with laborers and American immigrants. The Pike Place Market reflected that diversity. Early tenants of the Market came from all over the world. The Pike Place Market has been called the “soul” of Seattle, a term used often by its advocates. The buildings have remained intact despite numerous attempts to tear them down or alter their use. It is people that continue to ensure the Market’s survival: individuals who are passionate about community, about independent business and local farming. Some of those individuals still remain in the arcades. 

Heather and tour
"I just wanted to write a quick note about David, our tour guide for the 5pm Market Ghost Tour today. David did a fabulous job, keeping both the adults and the kids on the tour entertained, telling stories with flair and panache, and overall making this a wonderful experience for myself and Dustin! We've already talked about taking future tours, either the mortuary investigation, or bringing Dustin's mother along on the Market Ghost Tour."

"What better way to learn Seattle's history than walking through Pike Market weaving history with tales of ghosts & hauntings. Make sure your camera is fully charged, and take lots of photos. Orbs didn't show up on my photos for several weeks. Don't ask me to explain. My friends are still talking about how much they learned. Stories from store owners, Kells Irish pub, Princess Angelina, and a law that prohibited flower pots above the street level. They could be used as a deadly weapon, and during the Klondike Gold Rush people were getting $50 for each dead body they brought to the mortuary. The Market Ghost Tour is something that shouldn't be missed.  I took friends here for my birthday and they are still talking  about it! " ~ Maria Mason, Bainbridge Island

"We had a wonderful tour with Jim, he kept us mesmerized and even a bit scared.  Some of the girls were literally knock down by his stories.  Thank you for allowing us to experience this, we couldn't have done it without your generosity.  I will make sure and mention to the class next year, that this is well worth attending the full 90 min. Thanks again, we look forward to see you all soon." Margo Rogers